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Data security is probably the most pressing issue for the industry today. Cyber-attacks are commonplace, interrupting services that in some cases can cause irreparable damage.

Encryption has been used at the application level for decade, but the demand for robust, cost-efficient encryption solutions at wire-speed makes layer one encryption service one of our most mature offerings.

The GigaMux 3200 and GigaMux 3300 solutions have both implemented the internationally recognized Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The protocol has transparent implementation features the product that protects Ethernet, Fibre Channel or InfiniBand traffic.

Encryption and Security

The GigaMux 3200 and GigaMux 3300 solutions deliver transparent protocol transport for Ethernet and SAN Services up to 100G at 88 wavelengths with layer one encryption.

We can work with you to design a dark fibre network that:

Solves problems you are facing now

Reduces costs and increases efficiency

Optimises user experience

Provides a quick return on investment

Prepares your network for future demands

Applications Include


Financial Services

Government Networks

Web Services


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