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Short Distance Fibre Networks

Short distance fibre networks utilise network protocols such as Ethernet, internet protocol (IP) and Wi-Fi. Where mass fibre is available, it is possible to connect around a building or campus, thereby making almost infinite capacity available anywhere. It is therefore unlikely that there will be bandwidth restrictions to any user or device, including servers.

FTTH & FTTP networks are designed to deliver fibre-based broadband into homes and offices, and these typically these operate at a few multiples of 100 megabits, sometimes one gigabit. These systems operate sharing fibre infrastructure and that carry service rates at a fraction of what fibre can deliver independently. This means that it is possible to share fibre infrastructure among many users like an office LAN.

Sorrento Network’s GigaMux 5000 solution uses GPON technology to deliver ultra-fast, high speed ‘full fibre’ connectivity to either homes, offices or around buildings and campuses. A key advantage of GPON is that the signal uses a shared optical fibre infrastructure, meaning it does not matter where individual users or devices such as servers are connected and thus any changes do not require configuration, driving down operating costs.

For deeper bandwidth demands, our 10G with 16G Fibre Channel, which can be combined with our DWDM-on-PON solution. This delivers point to point virtual fibre connections over the same fibre infrastructure at the same time using a combination of GM3000 and GM5000 solutions.

Medium Distance Metro Fibre Networking

With ever increasing bandwidth demands, many fixed and mobile carriers are deploying networks with high data rates within metro applications. The Sorrento Networks GigaMux 3200 solution can multiply the 10G commonplace metro connectivity eighty times to create 800G connectivity or 8 terabits with our GigaMux 3300 solution through the technology of dense division-multiplexing (DWDM).

Customer services that are delivered using these platforms include leased lines through to high demand enterprise applications suitable for banks and other financial institutions. Carriers also use our solutions for backhaul to rollout xDSL equipped with the newest Vectoring technology, and fibre-to-the-home broadband.

Sorrento Networks GigaMux 3000 solutions offers a scalable solution to address current and future capacity demands with cost-effective deployment and low operational costs.

Long Distance Fibre Networks

National long-distance networks in the context of European countries like the UK or France are often considered as metro networks by global standards. Sorrento Networks’s long-distance solutions are built featuring different technologies found in the metro.

It is often the case that the same platforms that are used in metro and short haul networks are also used in long haul networks. This is due to the modular design of these platforms that enable them to use different internal components, often are card level, enable operators to adapt in a wide range of networking environments.

Optical Amplifiers are likely to make an appearance as is coherent technology and very high bit rates including 100Gb/s line rates. Sorrento Network’s GigaMux 3200 and GigaMux 3300 are platforms that enable long haul networks to be created.

Utility Networks

Utility networks provide low-speed connectivity such as voice telephony used along railways and control systems like SCADA, which are used in gas and water distribution networks as well as networks that manage traffic light systems.

Although these systems are often regarded as being obsolete, they are vital because any replacement would need to operate in the same way and to the standards to which they were originally defined. This makes their replacement and even continued operation a key challenge.

Sorrento Networks understands these problems and unlike some manufacturers will not force a wholescale upgrade; instead we provide an evolutionary path through to modern networking systems. Our GigaMux 3200 platform provides backhaul from distant locations over fibre while the GigaMux 3300 platform provides important gateway functions such as POS, C37.94 low speed kilobit level data feeds and serial comms over Packet (SAToP).

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