Data Centre Connectivity

Data centres are at the heart of what governments, research institutes, financial services, retailers, social media services and many others do. They contain the servers and data storage hard disk arrays, which almost all modern technology-based enterprises rely, containing data that needs to be made secure and reliably available.

As data sets increase and the use of multimedia exponentially increases year-on-year, it is crucial to have high data rates for data mirroring and a disaster recovery plan to minimise any loss of data, and as part of that plan, security is critical.

The GigaMux 3200 and GigaMux 3300 products are ideal for data centre applications, where there is high demand for low power, low latency, high channel count and security.

Low Latency

Latency is the delay between sending a request using one device like a computer or mobile phone and receiving a response from another device like a server. Elements of the software stack are used to generate the request, but this can be delayed due to network devices along the route such as routers, switches. Latency is also affected by the medium being used to carry requests; copper is generally much slower in comparison to fibre.

Fibre Channel

Fibre Channel is in widespread use within the data centre sector due to its consistent high performance and low latency block write for storage disk arrays, but it is often awkward over standard carrier leased line connections where it has speeds of 4Gb/s 8Gb/s and 16Gb/s do not fit well into standard service types.


With the increasing dependency on data centre facilities that many enterprises and organisations have. the requirement for high reliability increases. While the provision of reliable power and cooling inside data centres is well established, limitations of overall network availability due to connectivity around the data centre and of course to the outside world are perhaps less understood. Some forward-thinking data centre operators have established national networks of their own to provide the best performance in latency and to protect customer data even from the so called ‘smoking hole’ scenario of a catastrophic failure where only a connection to an alternative site would suffice.

We can work with you to design a dark fibre network that:

Solves problems you are facing now

Reduces costs and increases efficiency

Optimises user experience

Provides a quick return on investment

Prepares your network for future demands

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